3 Mindsets For Making Lots of Money Fast

3 Mindsets For Making Lots of Money Fast

Where ever you are presently in your life you can begin to make large amounts of money very fast if you understand a few simple principles. Despite what anyone may tell you there are 3 mindsets for making lots of money fast.

But first, let us dispel some common money myths:

Money Making It FastMoney is scarce. Several of us have parents or grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, an era that rooted an entire generation in a scarcity mindset.

These people passed onto their children the idea that money was in short supply and that when it did surface, spending had to be limited and saving was imperative.

If any of the following ever crossed your mind—“A penny saved is a penny earned,” “Don’t dip into savings,” or “We can’t afford it” — then you have this perspective and rainy days loom ominously. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

These threats create a fearful relationship with money.

Money is evil, dirty, or bad. Several of us have parents or grandparents who believe that the road to bad places is lined with green. They’ve only ever seen the drawbacks of the rat race, the downside of the money chase, and the audacity and indulgence of those with too much money.

Some even believe that wealthy people are bad people. Novels and films often highlight the idea that it’s the crooked ones who make the money. The meek shall inherit the earth. Such prophecies create a hands-off relationship with money.

Money comes monthly. The most common way to make a living is to be employed, either with a company or as a skilled professional, with a weekly wage or an annual salary. Historically, this provided the safe, sure thing required by heads of households.

Yet, that level of risk was usually balanced with an equal level of reward — low and low. For most, even those who do very well, working for a company or as a skilled professional is a constrained opportunity.

Except for the outrageous exceptions, the average CEO of the average company making six figures a year will still experience only a small increase in salary during his or her lifetime. Slow and steady wins the race. Such fables create a cautious relationship with money.

These 3 mindsets for making lots of money fast are not difficult but in order to understand them, you must process them.

You must take the time to give them some thought until the thought becomes a part of your very being.

The truth is that money is highly subjective. Certainly, a billion dollars is a lot of money; there are only a handful of billionaires in the world. Is a million dollars a lot?

In terms of total wealth, no; a significant minority of the population has a million dollars or more in total assets to leave to their heirs, largely due to the appreciation of real estate.

Money In A WalletWere one to make a million dollars a year, however, that person would be among the most highly paid in the world.

How to make money fast is one of the hot topics on everyone’s mind.

Most people will tell you that claims of making quick cash is a hoax.

Those are the very people who believe that only hard work and struggle can create income.

However, despite the hard work, the concept of fast money is still not part of the equation. After all, if you are working very hard you are unlikely to be making the sort of fast money that you would dream of.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that fast money does not come through hard work.

If you are marketing your business or interested in accumulating more money struggling will only kill your chances of getting money in a fast and easy way.

The First Mindset

The first thing you need in order to make fast money is to have a clear goal. How much do you want? You would be surprised at how many people want more cash but don’t have a clear idea as to how much they want.

Without a clear goal, your desire is just a wish, it is not concrete.

Be specific about how much cash you want and by when you would like to have it.

The Second Mindset

The very next step is to take inspired action. Inspired action comes from the universe as a nudge. It’s the perfect idea, job, or business that will help you in accomplishing your goal.

It makes no sense trying to do something that your neighbor or your co-worker tried. What is an ideal opportunity to make fast money for them that may not be ideal for you?

Besides your goals are unique and the opportunities that are rightfully aligned for you are rightfully suited for you to reach your goal in the time that you desire.

The Third Mindset

Counting Money

The third most powerful step is to have a clear and bright vision of your goal. This is where most people fail.

Most people get caught up in fear and worry that their goal will not be able to materialize and spend lots of time holding back on their actions.

How many times have you been offered a great idea which you may have promised to do but allowed your fears to get in the way?

You must be able to hold your vision in such a way as to feed it with your own personal powerful intention that your vision will materialize money a lot faster than usual.

Many people who have a clear vision have gone on to make money very fast again and again.

Those are the ones who deeply understood the precise way. With a little time and your deep desire, you can literally suck it to you faster.

In Summary

Over the years we have used these 3 mindsets for making lots of cash fast. Without fail they work in generating money faster than if we did not practice these mindsets.

There are obviously several other ways to make cash fast. It is said that money saved is money earned. Just keep in mind these are simply principles of generating fast cash.

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