Our Approach

Strategic marketing is the best way to grow a brand, and that's our approach to digital marketing.

Our approach to organic digital marketing

You probably know the importance of “keywords”

Inker Street has an approach to organic digital marketing that we have spent years developing with great success. As veterans of the industry, we’ve watched a number of businesses grow and evolve.

We’ve also seen how amateurish designs and outdated, unethical digital marketing strategies have filled the Web with poorly crafted content, dead links and missed opportunities.

Keywords are the phrases people use to find your website in search engines.

Sometimes, a website owner will learn about keywords, pick 1-2 keywords they think are essential for their business.  They then will slap that word up on every single page of their website.

❌ Please don’t do this!

Approach To Digital Marketing

Let Us Show You The Inker Street Approach

1. Put Together a Focused List of Keywords

– The one thing most people can associate with SEO is typically keywords. Keywords help to communicate to search engines what your business emphasizes. So that they can use you as a reliable option when they need something related to those keywords.

2. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

– Many new business owners aren’t familiar with Google’s free service known as Google Business Profile. This is an area for them to portray their hours, contact information, photos of work done, business descriptions, and a lot more.

3. Claim and Optimize Your Major Online Directories

– We’re all familiar with websites such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau.  Those are considered online presence. For any business, getting the major well-known listings claimed and optimized can help to boost thier brand awareness

4. Build Out Your Website’s Geo-Targeted Content

– A lot can be lost in the weeds without geo-targeted content. This is content that is focused on a particular city or county. When it comes to geo-targeted content, it’s important to note that there are different strategies that work for different electrical contractor businesses.

5. Pay Attention to the Metadata On Your Website

– Apart from keywords, “Title Tags” and “Meta Descriptions” are typically the terms people have heard the most. These two pieces of optimization fall under the category of “metadata,” and they can be very impactful in terms of converting searchers to actual website clicks.

6. Get Your Site To Stand Out With Unique Content

– This category has two separate yet equal tips. The first is to ensure your content is unique in comparison to your competitors in the area and competitors across the country. The second tip is to do your best to make your content unique from your own pages on your website.

Why Choose Us

Inker Street Digital Marketing: Becoming a Leader in Organic Digital Marketing

Becoming an expert in local SEO for the small business contractor industry takes a lot of hard work, dedication to clients, and a lot of know-how on our part. 

The Inker Street approach is to build out your Google Business Profile and online directories, focus your keywords and your content to what searchers are truly looking for.


Web Presence


Online Reach


Ethical Practices


Equals Growth

Our clients, who are mostly small businesses, spend only a few thousand dollars on our services to scale up their businesses through Digital Marketing.

Consistently applied, a good approach to organic digital marketing can fetch great results and help your business reach new heights.

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