What Are The Best Secrets To Finding Bargains?

What Are The Best Secrets To Finding Bargains?

Do you want to be a bargain finder? Start by finding out what are the best secrets to finding bargains. With the economy in its current state, everyone is looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there.

What is a bargain hunter? A person who looks for a place to buy something at a price that is cheaper than usual, or for goods that are of value for money, usually because they are on sale at a lower price than normal.

Want to be the one that always finds the deals and has money left over? Since the price of just about everything from gas to groceries is on the rise, people are looking for bargains.

Finding the right bargains can be a real challenge. You may not know the best places to find a bargain.

Do you know that you can eat a wider variety of fruit than your neighbor, and spend only half as much to do so? How? By buying fruit in season, when it is at the lowest price.

As a bonus, it is also of the highest quality at these times.

This is one of the best secrets to finding bargains

Notice that this means not always getting exactly what you want when you want it. You get more variety this way, and you spend much less, but you go with the flow.

If grapes are cheap, you’ll be eating grapes. If bananas are in season, you’ll be eating bananas. Whatever the case, you’ll always be finding bargains.

You never have to eat things you don’t like or deny yourself pleasure. You just shop for those things that you like among those that are a bargain now. There will be other, different, great deals next week or next month.

Unless you are extremely picky about what you eat, you’ll almost always find delicious foods that you like on sale.

That’s the premise of being a bargain hunter, that you get more by going with the flow. A true bargain finder gets more variety in the long run and more for the money.

You also need to put in an amount of sweat equity. This can be applied to many areas of life.

Bargain Finder Examples

One of the best secrets to finding bargains is, knowing where to look. A good place to start is to check out local Internet ads of your favorite grocer.

Before we go grocery shopping, we clip coupons from our favorite grocery stores. It is great to see that balance go from high to low and hear how much we save by clipping coupons.

When I went took a cruise a few years ago, there were many interesting places I wanted to visit. I chose the cruise that was a thousand dollars less to go on than any other cruise cause it was out of season. My family and I had a fantastic time for seven days and had an extra $1000 for excursions.

I also met the most wonderful people on that cruise there, so you never know what riches you’ll find when you go with the flow.

We go to the movies here in Houston on Tuesdays, when we can get in for $2.00 each. Others are paying $8.75 on the weekend rate. What are they getting by paying four times as much? They get to see the movie, we get the movie, popcorn, and a drink.

The movies on Tuesday have fewer crowds, so we get to enjoy them more.

A famous doll maker gets you to buy their doll. But their doll only comes with the one outfit she’s wearing! This makes you buy more clothes for the doll, then a car, and a dollhouse.

But, as a bargain hunter, you can find all these things usually in a set at a garage sale or online classified ads.

No one is holding a gun to our heads to make us buy these added products and services. We purchase them because they give us the added results we want.

Being a bargain hunter means not paying more unless you are getting more.

It also means making better choices. Will you actually enjoy that movie more by seeing it now? More than you’ll enjoy the FOUR movies you can see in its place?

Do you have to take that fishing trip now? If you’re planning to take both a fishing trip and a gambling trip, why not do each when it’s cheapest?

In recent years, banks have also raised the charges for cash advances, late payments, or spending over the credit limit, helping push more consumers further into debt.

These latest changes target credit cardholders who don’t pay their bills in full at the end of each month.

When William Danko and Thomas Stanley wrote “The Millionaire Next Door,” they found that MOST millionaires bought used cars.

But initially, consumers not prepared for the higher payments can experience financial hardship, especially those with lower incomes.

They bought BMWs and Mercedes, not old Ford Pintos, but the lesson was clear: They understand the opportunity. Cars often lose half of their value in the first three years, but they’re not half used-up, are they?

Is it worth an extra $6,000 to say you have a new car (And you will have to tell people since it’s hard to tell a three-year-old car from a new one)?

To be a bargain hunter doesn’t mean just settling for whatever is easy and cheap to get in life.

We all have areas that are more important to us.

If you really love those $15 cigars, why not buy them? On the other hand, if you really can’t tell the difference between the $5 and $50 wine, why not buy the former?

Being a bargain hunter is one of the keys to being a true bargain finder, it is not difficult but it does require some searching and a little dedication.

Knowing how to manage money matters – but it’s not something that just grows on its own. Not without a strategy, time, a growing awareness, and specific knowledge.

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